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:emaN laeR
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Why did you follow me? Bad times are ahead when your dad catches you checking out my stuff. Anyway, I'm the other side of a cartoon artist with the focus mostly on size-play. I also used to do dumb YouTube videos and YTP edits all the time, but then I made the choice to focus on my "art skills".

I have too many original characters, I've done art trades, fan arts, art for people, and moved the sane stuff I did on here somewhere else. Thanks for watching me if you made that choice. Don't forget to blame me when dad brings out the belt.

"Your only friend, Dookbaggeth of Shame, shall be the Ghost Dad":
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Tagged by //name and address withheld//
1. You must post these rules.
2. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person that tagged you and make up 10 for the people you tag. Not to mention that you have to state 10 facts about yourselves.
3. Choose 10 people to tag and put their icons in your journal
4. You have to legitimately tag a certain amount of people. Or if you don't want to, that is fine.
5. No tag-backs. 
6. You must make a journal entry.


Well, you asked for it.

1. Favourite thing to come out of Thomas’ 70th Anniversary this year?
My favorite thing to come out of Thomas the Tank Engine’s 70th anniversary (this was really my first question) this year -or any year as of late- was giving me a proud excuse to have a fetish for steam engines. Cause liking how trains are built is a fetish right?

2. Favourite OFFICIAL crossover?
Pooh’s Adventures of Happy Days. There’s an unforgettable love story between some girl from a preschool show and Godzilla Jr.

3. Worst OFFICIAL crossover?
The Marvel Cinematic Universe

4. Favourite Canadian cartoon?
Moose Man Chronicles. An epic fantasy series about a mutating moose and his journey to protect the family maple syrup company from militant and oppressive beavers. It has some of the most beautiful animation I’ve seen anywhere from TV.

5. WORST Canadian cartoon?
Everything else, cause the internet taught me to hate all cartoons from my nationality right? But if you really want an answer, I am my own worst Canadian cartoon.

6. Favourite Nickelodeon Movie?
Snowy Day. I also like the Nickelodeon movie that was cheaply made for TV but then was released in movie theaters instead.

7. Uuuuuh….favourite Pop Tart?
Dirt Flavor.

8. What do you think of TwistedTom?
He called my imaginary twin a fag and ran over my cat. He’s fucking dead to me.

9. Favourite Youtube Producers?
“Still not accepted to Channel Awesome for obvious reasons” wannabes and people who make videos obsessively talking about burnt-out kids shows.

10. Do you believe in the hooba dooba?
Finally, a legit question to bring up a conversation about the meaning of religion and trusting anything online these days. It’s a very long answer and it involves a lot of controversial subject matter -including extremists, blind justice warriors, and biggots- but I’ll just keep it simple: it sucks, but I gotta live past that shit.

And now to tag some more people and place my questions here:
1. How old are you and where do you see yourself in life currently?
2. Have you ever figured out the fastest way to beat The Universal Studios Theme Park Adventure on Gamecube?
3. Have you heard of any non-Disney animation before the 1990's happened and we ruined everything?
4. Would you put your dick in a squirrel if someone put a gun to your head?
5. Have you ever just barley joined a fad that you would have regretted later?
6. Are you a squid or a sex offender?
7. Ghosts, goblins, demons, or ghrobmons?
8. Do you think your argument for your fetish is legit or sounds like a whackjob's monologue?
9. Do you think aliens built the pyramids or was that all just a planted conspiracy started in the 1990's?
10. Do you accept Jay Jay the Jet Plane as your new messiah?

And so I tag:
:iconcosbyplz: :iconcosbyplz: :iconcosbyplz: :iconcosbyplz: :iconcosbyplz:
:iconcosbyplz: :iconcosbyplz: :iconcosbyplz: :iconcosbyplz: :iconcosbyplz:
Cause I know a house full of Cosbys. (In all seriousness, I tag nobody. Go ahead if you want to tag anyone else.)

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